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“BREAKING NEWS: There are Only TWO WAYS To LEGALLY Make A Ton Of Money Online, No Matter Your Location”

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There are only two LEGIT ways to make money on the internet today and they are:

1) Create ​& Sell Your Own Products. 

2) Select ​& Sell Other People’s Products​!!

I know the next question on your mind is,

“I don’t know how to start, even if I do, what do I sell? ”

Great!! I am stuck!!

But hey, what if I tell you, you aren’t stuck?

I mean, solutions exist because there are problems that bother people every

minute, hour and everyday.

This is where the market is.

​​​Let us discuss the two ways to MAKE TONS OF LEGIT MONEY ONLINE:

Option one:

You Create And Sell Your Own Products And Rake In Your Profits.

​​​But the issues with creating and selling your own product are:

  • ​You will get confused on what to sell.
  • ​You may not have any idea on how to create your product even if you have decided on what to sell.
  • ​​The logistics of setting up the sales system, could be very tedious and can make you quit even before you start.
  • ​It is freaking time consuming, less liberty and time to do other things.
  • ​Last but not least, even if you decide to hire someone to create theproduct for you, it might not be according to your taste or what you have in mind.

It’s safe to say we are left with option two:

Select Other People’s Products And Selling Them

​Doing this is quite simple ….

In this case, you simply find a product, reach out 

to its producer, then help him spread the word of his product, they buy from you and the owner payyou an agreed percentage for promoting his product. 

(Affiliate marketing).

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In affiliate marketing:

  • ​​You don’t create your own products; you sell already made products.
  • ​​You have time for other activities, even if you have an 8-5 job.
  • ​You do not need to sweat so much about creating a system to aid in the sales of the product(s).
  • ​You are answerable to no one but yourself because, you can sell to anyone at anytime.

Thousands of persons all over the world are doing this and getting paid on a daily basis…

Take a look at this email from a guy named Iyke:

He is currently a student of ABSU, Abia State University, Nigeria studying History and International Relations, who is preparing to be self-employed after he is done with his final exams.


Because he does just three things:

  • ​​Discovers people’s problems.
  • ​​Searches for existing solutions to solve those problems.
  • ​​Promotes and finally sells those products​to people with those problems.

With over 300 million US residents and 60 million UK residents, it is very impossible to fail online-if you have the right guidance.

With the issue of lack of employment and or being paid chicken fees after sweating for a full month, you can never go wrong if you decide to plough the path of an online entrepreneur.

Of course there are others like Iyke and myself, who have decided to pull the CRAZY bull by the horn to where it should be…

It is not and heck will never be easy..but with the right guidance and holding by hand, you will join the elite group of Iyke and the likes of him, to constantly rake in profits.

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In this group, you will learn:

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And much more, all for free..

My plan is to make as many persons as financially free as possible…

​​There are lots of partakers of the guidance and instructions out there cashing it big, even though they started from the bottom.

I will have to ring this loud like a doom bell, results are NOT typical. None of these should be taken as promise of future income.

Some of my mentees are not making any money and may never do.


I can’t really say why.

But the rugged truth is, people who are scared of being tagged and dying poor, are probably the most successful.

I remember a quote from Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft that says,

if you are born poor, 

it is not an issue, but if you die poor, 

it is a disgrace.

​So to say, if you are comfortable with your current financial situation that makes you worry of where the next money might come from or how to cut cost of expenses, then you will NEVER make it in business.

Apart from Iyke, there are other persons I have brought up to become salient affiliate marketers who earn a living from ​Clickbank.

They never struggled alone or with backyard guidance.. they had my 24/7 attention which helped them make the impact they did…

I helped them in every possible way without hitches and today, they are proud of their own success.

Having being in this business for a while, I knew of the obstacles and challenges ​they might face.

So I made available everything they needed to make it as ​Clickbank affiliates.

​I took the pain and sacrifice of providing:

  • Step by step methods of opening clickbank accounts in every Clickbank blacklisted country in the world.
  • How to search for the right market that will pay you big bucks after promoting and selling to them.
  • ​The right product and the right market to sell to. 
  • I gave them templates that helped them sell over and over to the same persons.
  • ​I showed them how to promote without facebook ads…

But here’s an issue,

​If you know me, my mentor-ship program isn’t for the following people:

  1. 1
    People who don’t take actions.
  2. 2
    Lazy persons who believe the moneyshould rain from above, without working.
  3. 3
    People who prefer to work hard instead of working smart.
  4. 4
    Anyone whose thinking is short circuited.

Once I detect someone like any of the above, I shut my doors on your face, because I am someone who means business plus, time is money and I can’t afford to be a minute late.

​You can simply keep your money and swim with it, hopefully your thinking and mentality might change when you hear Ken’s students are doing this and that.

​On that note,

If you are not a member of the above group of persons and you mean business, then let’s proceed.

You will be needing just 4 things: 

  • ​A stable internet connection.
  • A laptop; you can borrow, buy fairly used or get a new one.. I much prefer you get your own laptop.
  • The willingness to work: I don’t need someone who thinks because you have bought my mentorship without working,you will count all the millions in the world.
  • Last but not the least, wisdom and sense to work.. it is one thing to be willing to work and another to have wisdom to do what’s right.

Truth is, if you are the nonchalant and a non instruction following person, you might only make peanuts in life.

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I mean who doesn’t want free stuff?

All I want is your success and immense happiness after coming across me and my teaching…